Thursday, July 25, 2013

Man of Steel, This is the End and World War Z 

Movie Updates
As you know I am a huge movie guy. This summer started off pretty darn good by going to the premier of Man of Steel in New York in early June. I got the whole experience of the red carpet, thank you Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder for inviting me to the event; I first met the crew back in January of 2012 while they were filming Man of Steel in Vancouver. Man of Steel is the movie to see and I am a Batman fan. This movie in my option is what a comic book movie should be like. The bar has been raised with the Dark Knight series, Avengers and Thor. Marvel and DC are putting out great movies. Man of Steel is a movie that seems real, if you donít know the comic or back story of Superman; this movie draws you in to believing the story of Superman. The movie shows the human side of Superman showing that he has issues and crises as a kid and growing up. Just like everyone else growing up. You see the struggles of Man of Steel trying to adapt into society because he was different. His struggles throughout the film shows you why he became a great superhero, Henry Cavill did a great job portraying those feelings. Cavill is good a young actor, having this under his belt is a good credit to him. What I have heard this rising star is being considered to being the next James Bond.
Go see Man of Steel, I already seen it twice and most likely see it again. I will rate this movie A¨+.
This is the End the movie from guys that were pretty much in Knocked-Up, 40 Year old Virgin and Pineapple Express. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Mike Cera and bunch of young comedic actors. The movie was pretty good; the title This is the End gave you a sense the storyline for the movie. It is about the end of world not from zombies but more from a biblical sense. Using the bible as the day of reckoning is what interested me throughout the movie with all the good people taken first then bad people to suffer on earth. The film was good; if you want to laugh it is a good movie. I will rate this movie B-/C+ - it had its funny parts but it had it spells of trying to fill in space or forcing something in the movie. With all those great comedic actors it will just happen, sometimes it doesnít go that way. The movie has been out for a while now; you may catch it at your local dollar theater.
I just saw World War Z (SPOILER ALERT); I am comic book, horror, action guy. So this movie was right up my alley, I love zombie movies; I always loved zombie movies other than vampires and werewolves. This movie was executive produced and written by Brad Pitt and Mike Carnahan (Joe Carnahanís brother director for Smoking Aces). Great acting and writing throughout the film. This is a zombie film; I know that zombie films have been the limelight for years. World War Z was a little different, one thing the we donít know is where the strand of virus of zombies came from until the end of the film. Good acting and action packed, the zombies are athletic. The zombies were not your typical Hollywood lethargic type. These zombies were jumping up to helicopters, climbing up buildings and running fast. World War Z is a good theater movie where you have your popcorn and everything. Iíll try to see it again in the drive-in theater.

D1 Update for July 

D1 Sports is doing well. We ended our football skills camp this week, with 5 or 6 eight graders, some high school guys and few college players, my stepson Virgil, our cousin Harry and my nephew Rahem. All the students learned basic skills that can be applied to any level of football. They learned basic coverage, proper route running which can apply to any level of the game. A QB learned how to be a leader and gain the confidence of his teammates, as RB to carry the ball high and tight, even learning everyoneís role on the field. Football is team effort not a one man show. Everyone needs to be on the same page for a team to do well. For a play to go wrong it takes one player, it can hurt the whole team. Every kid learned it takes sacrifice to play football, it is a tough sport and you have set aside your ego to the team at times. The more you play together and selflessness the better the team will be.
D1 is growing we are up to 160 members now. People are getting to hear about us and numbers are growing. I went to North Dickenson HS in the upper peninsula of Michigan and they had a couple of guys that attend our combine earlier this year. They had D1 stickers on some of their equipment, it good to see the guys. I have been visiting high schools throughout the area to educate the coaches and athletes what we have to offer. We offer a great curriculum of strength and conditioning, a great curriculum of boot camps and positive atmosphere to develop your skills. At D1 everyone is an athlete not just the ones that play football, basketball, baseball or run track, the parents and weekend warriors that participate in our boot camps are athletes as well.
With the football season gearing up, we are having active recovering class on Saturdays for all the high school football players. We be showing them how to stretch and how to properly to actively recover after the game, because as a pro athlete this part of our life. As for me I went to the chiropractor and a received a deep tissue massage twice a week during the season. I contribute my 12 years in the NFL by taking care of my body, not just conditioning and lifting weights. With the active recovery classes, we hope athletes understand the importance of taking care of their body after a game. From conditioning to recovery players will be a little fresher for the next Fridayís game. Active recovery is going to start the end of August Ė early September at D1 Green Bay.

Acting and Coaching 

On the acting standpoint I just got back from Los Angeles from filming a couple scenes in the movie call Stretch with Christopher Holly and Patrick Wilson. Other actors in the movie that I didnít act with are Jessica Alba, Ed Helms and Ray Liotta. I met Ed Helms, great guy, very cool guy. I want to give a shout out to Patrick Wilson, who is a great guy as well. He is doing great things; he is in The Conjuring and Insidious: Chapter 2. He is a hard worker has done a bunch of films; Hard Candy is one. Another shout out to Christopher Holly he has been in Smoking Aces 1 and 2. I hung out with him pretty much the whole time on set, a very cool guy. He is giving me tips and mentoring me in the entertainment field, so I can be better actor. I returned the favor by giving him tips about working out and staying fit. Patrick Wilson, Christopher Holly, Joe Carnahan thank you again for letting be in this film. This is just the beginning for me, I still have dreams. I was fortunate to live one of my dreams of playing football, my other dream to take acting as far as the journey will take me. I believe if you stop dreaming you stop living. You need to go after your dreams donít be afraid to chase your dreams. My dreams are acting and being a football coach.
Speaking of one of my dreams; this week I start my internship with Green Bay Packers, I start at 6:30am on July 25th and be there until August 3rd. I will be helping the running backs again; as I did three days back in June during the OTAs. That went well; I had a chance to meet the new guys Angelo Pease, Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin, DuJuan Harris and met up with guys I already knew in James Starks, Alex Green and John Kuhn. I talked with Alex Van Pelt who is the RB coach to get more information about being an NFL coach. To determine if this is the right path for me. I have a lot good things going on from acting, D1 and WFRB. I like to coach but still testing the waters on this dream.
On August 4th I will be participating in a celebrity charity event which I will be jumping out of a plane. This is to raise awareness and funds for a military charity. I will post updates on the site in the next couple of days. It is going to be a big event. Jumping out of an airplane wasnít even on my bucket list. It will be a great event. I wonít be jumping out the plane solo. I will be strapped together with a professional skydiver. The first 100 feet I might be screaming like a baby. It is for a great cause and it will be great fun. I heard the skydiving experience is life changing, it builds your confidence. I think this may be the first domino for me to knock down for me to experience other endeavors.
Green Bay Blizzards, I am one of the investors. We have the team for sale, a buy in for $5000. We are looking to have a 10 person committee like the Packers. We have about 50% of the committee already in place. We are looking for a few more. The Blizzard is great for the Green Bay community. I know it is not Aaron or Clay out on the field but it there is some good talent out there. The Blizzard is fun time during the winter months when NFL is not playing.

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