Eric Baranczyk: Inside Football
Thursday, September 28, 2006

I believe in my heart of hearts that Ahman Green can still be a very productive, good running back. Is he the Ahman Green of í04, í03? I donít think so.

Is he serviceable? You bet yah. I think he just needs somewhere to run the ball. Thereís no where to run. When they had William Henderson leading through the hole, there was no hole. When Green catches the ball and thereís some field to move in, you see some burst. Itís not the burst that it used to be, but itís better than anybody else on that team right now.

I donít think Green has that fifth gear he used to have. But as far as being a punishing runner, heís still there. I still think he could start in a lot of places around the league. In this offense with these players, you probably could use somebody a little more special: A LaDainian Tomlinson, a Reggie Bush.

But, right now, I think even Tomlinson would have a hard time running the ball with the Packers. I guess until Green starts getting some holes, nobody is going to really know where heís at.

Henderson doesnít block like he used to. He can still catch the ball. But heís no Mack Strong or Lorenzo Neal. I donít know if Henderson has lost his will or if itís just physical and he doesnít have the lateral movement that he used to have. Even when he catches the ball, thereís no lateral movement. Heís running up-field. Thatís it. When he goes to block a linebacker, he has no ability to adjust.

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