Ahman Green: Foster No. 1 running back
Monday, August 20, 2012

Green Bay Packers all-time leading rusher Ahman Green told “NFL AM” on Monday morning that Arian Foster is the NFL’s best running back in 2012.

Green, who finished his 12-year career with 9,205 yards rushing, said it’s Foster’s ability to run inside, coupled with his importance to the Houston Texans that makes him the league’s most dynamic rusher.

“He is a guy that with the situation in Houston, they are balanced because of him,” Green said. “They have Andre Johnson, they have other receivers, Kevin Walter, that can go deep, but he keeps the defense honest, knowing … if we don’t protect the middle, if we don’t protect between the tackles or outside, this guy could run for another 150 yards.”

Green lamented the diminishing era of bigger backs, such as himself or even Foster.

“We’re an endangered species now,” he said. “You don’t see too many running backs that are six-foot, 235. A lot of running backs that come out college are built for speed, they are built to get to the edge. In a certain situations, 3rd and short, 4th and 1, it’s kind of hard to get that when you don’t have a guy that’s like a hammer that can go in there and pound for that one yard.”

Green might have an affinity for brick-house backs, but he gave a bit away when he hedged his pick, saying he might have gone with Maurice Jones-Drew over Foster if he was in camp.

“Until that time, I’ll go with Arian,” he said.

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