Clubhouse Chatter: 'You basically have got to hit them first'
Monday, August 19, 2013
Post Cresent

Green Bay Packers great and franchise career rushing leader Ahman Green appeared on Mondayís season-premiere of Clubhouse Live, Post-Crescent Mediaís live weekly sports talk show.

Green talked about his stint with the Packers coaching staff, the qualities that make Mike McCarthy one of the NFLís top coaches, the similarities between himself and rookie running back Eddie Lacy and the recent comments about Aaron Rodgers by Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.

Here are select answers from the interview:

Q: You spent some time this summer as an intern coach with the Packers. Do you think itís more difficult to teach and motivate players today than when you played?

Green: There is a different breed. For me, I think itís a challenge, but I like it. Itís not hard for me. To meet Eddie, (halfback) Johnathan (Franklin) and (fullback) Jonathan Amosa, (halfback) Angelo Pease. And then getting to know (halfback) Alex Green a little bit more and (halfback) James Starks and (fullback) John Kuhn and (halfback) DuJuan Harris, as well. I kind of relate to them because Iím still young ó Iím 36.

So I think that part makes it good for me. Iím not that far removed from what theyíre going through in training camp and trying to make the roster.

Q: What makes McCarthy such an effective and successful head coach?

Green: Heís direct. He doesnít beat around the bush. He tells you exactly what he wants out of the players, and he tells you exactly what he wants out of you as a coach. Thereís no sugarcoating it. Thereís no trying to make you figure it out. Ö Thereís no mystery to you as a player and a coach.

Q: Do you see a lot of you in Lacy and his style?

Green: Minus the belly (smiling). I have a good connection with all the young guys, so he knows that. We talked about that. I told him, he could come to my house and stay with me until the season gets started to lose that added weight. He played well (Saturday against the Rams). Ö

But I agree with that. In terms of my running style? Yeah. Ö Itís a style of running where you basically have got to hit them first. Thatís how I was taught. Thatís what I got comfortable with in high school and college. Iím going to hit you first if I see you, so you better look out.

Q: Whatís your take on the recent potshots of Rodgers and his leadership skills by former Packers wide receivers Greg Jennings and Donald Driver?

Green: Itís a lot to do with the reality of today. Facebook, Twitter, ESPN ó all that stuff kind of gets more attention than the actual sports. So stuff thatís usually just amongst us as players gets out in some way, shape or form. And then unfortunately, youíve got everybody chiming in. Ö For me, I never read (those comments about Rodgers). I never got into it even when I played. I was told by my older brother when I was in high school, and I started having a pretty good junior year in high school, he said, ďDonít read your clippings.Ē Ö

When (Jennings) comes to Lambeau and they go (to Minnesota), heís going to have his head on a swivel, Iíll say that much. Outside of that, itís called bulletin board stuff, and I didnít get involved in that at all.

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