Houston Texans' Running Back Ahman Green Still Plays Halo 3
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
San Francisco Examiner

Back in April, Houston Texansí running back Ahman Green was in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska hosting a Halo 3 tournament at a local bar. Husker fans came out to compete for the $4,000 prize as well as challenge Green to some Death Matches. Apparently he took a couple of humbling Lís and now with his strained groin sustained from Saturdayís preseason game against the Denver Broncos, heís out on a day-to-day basis and may have some time to sharpen up his Halo 3 skills.

ďYeah, I play Halo,Ē Green said. ďRight now Iím in the 27th rank range, but Iíve played guys in the 50ís rank. Iím good but Iím not the best. The tournament was just for the fans to come hang out. I played a little bit, didnít really get involved in the tournament, but I played a little bit and realized where Iím at. A lot of people are better than me. Iím good if I play against my brothers and my nephews and my cousins, I can beat them easy but when youíre online, everybody gets their butt kicked. But itís all about going out there, going online, playing having fun, youíre going to win some and youíre going to lose some.Ē

He mostly stays on his Xbox 360, basically confessing his fanboy-ism for the console, and uses his Playstation 3 to mostly watch Blu-Ray movies. Growing up in the 80ís and 90ís Green admits that video games were a staple in his upbringing and itís still something he holds on to now, even in his 30ís. And he isnít ashamed about it.

ďIíve been a gamer since I was a kid,Ē Green said. ďIím part of that generation where video games are a part of my life. If Iím having a bad day or I need to lift my spirits or if Iím bored, we jump on what we call Ďthe sticksí a little bit. I donít know if people really realize it, but I love video games, I donít care what it is. Sports games, first person shooter games, role playing games, doesnít matter, I love Ďem.Ē

He even challenges his team mates to matches in the locker room citing offensive tackles Ephraim Salaam and Eric Winston and quarterback Sage Rosenfels as his toughest competition. And how are his skills on the potential game of the year, Grand Theft Auto IV?

ďMy buddy was telling me about it but Iíve been off Grand Theft Auto,Ē Green said. ďBecause when Vice City came out on Playstation 2, I was addicted to it. Thatís all I would play. There was one day where I played for 10 straight hours. Thatís on one game! After that I said, I canít do this game anymore, thatís bad! Since then I havenít touched but, my buddy was telling me some things about Grand Theft Auto IV, I was like, man, I might have to get this one, it sounds fun. Iím gonna break down and get it.Ē

Hopefully GTA IV doesnít interfere with his rehab. The new season starts in just a couple of weeks!

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