NFL: Green's beloved ride will be up for grabs
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
World Herald


Ahman Green is giving away his red and white rims.

His 2006 Dodge Charger, custom built as a shrine to Green's beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers, is top prize in his foundation's raffle drawing next month.

Green will give the raffle money to local charities.

Green, who started training camp with the Houston Texans this week, has owned plenty of cars: Mustangs and GTOs and Navigators.

But he cherishes no ride like the Husker car, featuring replica national championship trophies and Memorial Stadium field in the trunk.

Several weeks ago, Green and business partner Rodney Johnson were brainstorming ideas to give back to the community.

Omaha was having a rough year. Spasms of gun violence had shattered families across the city. Storms had ravaged property and taken lives.

What could we do, Johnson said.

What about selling his Nebraska car, Green suggested.

The raffle ensured that the keys could end up in the hands of not just a wealthy donor, but "regular people," Johnson said.

Twenty-five names will be chosen as finalists in August, and the final drawing is Aug. 31. Prizes include a round-trip ticket to Houston to see a Texans game from a skybox. But the big winner earns the car.

Johnson, who's organizing the raffle for the Ahman Green Foundation, hopes to sell about 6,500 raffle tickets, equivalent to $32,500. Raffle tickets are on sale for $5 at CarStar locations in Omaha and Lincoln.

Green probably won't be there on Aug. 31 to see his baby go his season starts the next weekend. He'll cope without the car, Johnson said.

Green's wife? Not so much.

"She loves that car," Johnson said. "She hasn't decided who she's more mad at, me or Ahman."

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