Ahman Green Agrees To Terms with Houston
Monday, March 5, 2007
Pro Football Critics

After visiting with two teams, RB Ahman Green has seen all he needs to see to make a decision. The former Green Bay Packer agreed to terms with the Houston Texans. Contract terms were not immediately available.
Green had met with both the Denver Broncos and the Texans, and had a few more teams to meet with.
"I have gotten to the point where I have seen enough," Green said. "I don't need to venture out anymore. I know a few teams that are disappointed because I did have some visits set up, but from the two teams that I have visited, I don't need to see anymore."

Last season in Green Bay, Green rushed for 1,059 yards on 266 carries. In his nine years in the league, he has 8,491 yards and 54 touchdowns.
He will be re-uniting with his former Packers head coach Mike Sherman, the current offensive coordinator and assistant head coach of the Texans.

Green's decision to leave Green Bay, though, was not easy.
"That's where the majority of my career is at," Green said. "I think speaking in general with anybody that has been in a situation for a long time, regardless of if it was good or bad, I've been there seven years. Some good, some bad, but regardless of the fact, staying or leaving will be tough. I don't know yet, but, I think for anybody generally speaking it would be tough to do. When you're a kid and you transfer a school, and that school you have all your buddies, regardless of if it was good times or bad times, it's still a tough time to leave."

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