Injured reserve takes toll on players
Thursday, December 21, 2006
Packer News

By Dylan B. Tomlinson

It's about 45 minutes before kickoff, and several members of the Green Bay Packers are cramming themselves into a crowded elevator.

While their teammates will have to stand on a cold sideline, these players will watch the game from the lap of luxury, one of the sky boxes on the seventh floor at Lambeau Field.

All of them would do anything to be on that cold field.

Edgar Bennett said one of the players who handled injured reserve about as well as anyone can was running back Ahman Green, who spent most of the 2005 season on injured reserve with a torn quadriceps. Bennett said Green remained a great cheerleader and did everything he could to help and encourage the players who were out there.

"I remember after the Atlanta game, Samkon Gado had a very good game, and I remember getting on the plane and Ahman called and I was talking to him about the game because he was watching from his home and he wanted to talk to Sam," Bennett said. "Sam really appreciated that. You really see what kind of character some of these guys have when they face something like that. That was huge of AG to do something like that."

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