Thinking Green: Ahman, Seattle, money and Bay
Monday, November 27, 2006
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"I've been asked a lot about my return to Seattle this week," wrote Ahman Green in his blog of the Green Bay Packers ' game against the Seattle Seahawks this week. "It's not a big deal to me. It's special in that I have good memories of my time there, and of course I have a lot of family and friends there. But as far as the football side, it's just football."

Seattle had better be watching for Ahman Green this week, as should the rest of the NFL. Amidst the distractions of Brett Favre's topsy-turvy season and the steady improvement of the youthful Packers, Green has been putting together an admirable season against adversity in what is a watershed year for his career.

After missing all but five games last season, the first in which injury laid him out for significant amounts of time, Green has again fought to stay on his feet this year. Green has missed two games to injury and was limited (in mobility, action and effectiveness) last week against the New England Patriots .

On the other hand, Green has passed the 100-yard mark four times this season and is on pace to top 1,000 yards despite the missed games.

At 4-6, the Packers still have a fighting chance. As Ahman himself penned it, "We're in the playoff hunt. I know that. I think our young guys are realizing it. Every game means something at this time of the year." Even with a slew of New York Giants , Carolina Panthers , St. Louis Rams , ad infinitum floundering, stalling or collapsing, every game is still simply a must-win for Green Bay in an attempt to give Favre, Driver and Green's version of Titletown another shot at glory. It may be slightly premature to start talking about Green's prospects in free agency, but they're only slight. Already, "I've said in reports that my agents and I have had contract talks with the Packers," writes Green. "I let my agents handle things. I don't want any of that to be a distraction, so it won't happen now."

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