Packers' Green Ready to Return To Seatle
Friday, November 24, 2006

Ahman Green played a variety of roles with the Seattle Seahawks in 1998 and 1999. He's still reaping those benefits six years later.

"If I wasn't there, I wouldn't be here right now," Green said. "I'll always look back and remember where I started."

After being drafted by Seattle in the third round in 1998, Green was traded in 2000 along with a fifth-round selection to Green Bay for cornerback Fred Vinson and a sixth-round choice.

The Seahawks went on to draft Shaun Alexander in the first round in 2000, but Green's career wasn't too shabby, either.

He posted five consecutive 1,000-yard seasons with the Packers from 2000-04 and made four consecutive Pro Bowls, including 2003, when he ran for 1,883 yards.

Green ranks second on the Packers all-time rushing list with 7,747 yards and could easily surpass Jim Taylor's all-time mark for the franchise (8,207) this season.

Green credits some of that success to Seattle, where he said he got to show versatility that others didn't know he had coming out of college at Nebraska.

"I had an opportunity to play on offense and special teams, which I hadn't done (regularly)," Green said. "I kick returned in college and high school, but being a third-down back halfway through my rookie year, (my) second year being a complete third-down back, short yardage, stuff like that, it helped me out. I liked it. It was something I've been using ever since."

Green said he's excited to play in Seattle for the first time since being traded, but there aren't many players who remain from his two seasons there. Coach Mike Holmgren is the one constant, but also on the roster from 1999 are tackle Walter Jones, fullback Mack Strong, tight end Itula Mili and guard Chris Gray.

After an injury limited Green to just five games last season and 255 yards rushing, Green has had a resurgence so far after signing a one-year deal in the offseason.

Green has had four 100-yard games, but missed two others with hamstring injuries. Still, he's managed to run for 644 yards and three touchdowns and is on pace for another 1,000-yard season if he averages 60 yards a game for the final six games.

Seattle may be a place to get much closer to that mark after the Seahawks gave up 212 yards to 49ers running back Frank Gore on Sunday.

"I can't say I'm going to do the same thing against them," Green said. "I've just got to be ready for whatever they're going to give us out there and be ready for a tough game."

The coaching staff said it's been so long since Green played there, he hasn't even brought up his time with the Seahawks. Seattle has a new stadium, Qwest Field, and Green said he the atmosphere will be much different without the Kingdome.

"I was there when it blew up," he said of the 2000 event. "I was there at the little luncheon they had to watch it get imploded."

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