Family gets new home, thanks to the Texans
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
ABC 13

(11/13/07 - KTRK/HOUSTON) - Texans defensive back Jason Simmons is still on the injured reserve list. But on Tuesday, Simmons and running back Ahman Green made single mom Regina Foster's dream come true.

Remember back during training camp, Texans defensive back Jason Simmons said he would give up his #30 to running back Ahman Green if Green would make a downpayment on a new home for a single mom. The story was good back in May but seeing is believing and single mom Regina Foster can't believe her eyes.

"I'm still overwhelmed and I would like to say to Ahman Green, Jason and Bob McNair thanks for making my dreams come true," said Regina.

Simmons and Green ended up donating $25,000 dollars. Bob McNair and the Texans matched it. Regina and her son, Reggie, can't wait to spend their first night in their new three-bedroom house.

Reliant Energy pitched in a year of electricity, Comcast a year of cable. Gallery Furniture filled the house and HEB had it smelling like home sweet home.

"You could see everything coming together a long time ago, but it was like, OK, when are we going to see the final product where I could walk through the door, see Reggie's room and Regina's room, the kitchen, living room," said Green. "Now I did it and it's awesome."

"It warms your heart," said Simmons. "It's one of those things to be actually involved in a feel-good story, it's like wow, to see somebody blush."

Regina's seven-year-old son, Reggie, has autism. He doesn't really like change. But his new Texans bedroom is scoring a huge touchdown.

"He loves this house," said Regina. "He danced through the house and runs through the house. He loves it."

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