Green rested, ready to go
Back expects to play in Miami Friday, October 20, 2006
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Back expects to play in Miami

Posted: Oct. 19, 2006
Green Bay - The fact that Green Bay running back Ahman Green successfully completed another practice Thursday was seen as a strong indication that he will be able to finally play when the Packers take on Miami on Sunday.


Green has been inactive the last two games with two injured hamstrings, injuries he thinks were caused because his legs were overcompensating for a torn quadriceps injury that prematurely ended his 2005 season.

The bye week rest also helped Green recover.

"He's running with power in practice; I like the way he's taking it up inside," offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski said. "He had some really nice runs in practice this week. As soon as we get him doing it the real way, we'll find out pretty quick. I have a lot of confidence in him right now."

Green said he had noticed gradual improvement every day and sounded optimistic that he was back to his old playing form.

"I wouldn't be out there if I didn't (feel that way), period," Green said.

Green will get to play behind an offensive line that has shown signs of improvement after a struggling start. After Green's 110-yard rushing performance in the opener against the Bears, the Packers had rushing totals of 63 and 60 yards in the next two games. But Vernand Morency got 99 yards against Philadelphia and Noah Herron got 106 against St. Louis.

"We're playing a pretty stout defense this week," Jagodzinski said. "It'll be a challenge for the guys up front and Ahman."

Green said the rushing totals didn't mean as much.

"Be effective, if it's 100 yards or 50 yards," he said. "As long as we make our conversions as far as third downs, and get in the end zone and the red zone. And keep the turnovers down and win the turnover battle. That's all I want to do and get this team back up where we need to be in our division and in our conference."

Tropical dome: The Packers had the heat turned up for practice Thursday in the Don Hutson Center and a few players wore knit caps and full heavy sweats to try to prepare for the warmer South Florida climate.

"Any time another team goes down south, it'll factor in," Jagodzinski said. "It's like a southern team coming up north later in the season. It needs to be addressed and then we have to just go down there and play."

The weather could also affect the running back rotation.

It is rare, but running in hot humid air can cause Green to cramp up or aggravate his asthma if he's carrying a big workload. So it is likely that Herron and Morency will also play.

"It's going to be hot," Herron said. "We're not used to this. We're going to need all three of us."

"Talking about the weather, we're going to have to play some folks in there because it will take a toll," Jagodzinski said. "They'll both be in there. It just depends, how the weather goes and how the guy is running. Our biggest thing has been ball security; that's the main thing we've had our focus on, and guys making plays at the end, be willing to make a play the last play of the game to win it."

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