Wish Granted: Green Bay Packers' Run Game Finally Takes Charge
Friday, January 1, 2010
Bleacher Report

Gain of 2 yards, 1-yard Loss, stopped at the line of scrimmage. Do those images sound familiar to you? I bet they do.

From what looked like a promising young running back during the Packers impressive གྷ season where they challenged for a Super Bowl spot, Green Bay's running game quickly faded into a shadow as Ryan Grant squandered any hope of once again having an elusive back like Ahman Green who could really pulverise defenses.

Negative yardage was a constant for the Packers, and it seemed that the only way the Packers could win football games was by doing so in the air.

God bless him though, Grant kept trying, and eventually it all payed off.

Yes Packer fans, Ryan Grant rushed for over 100 yards twice this season, and both came during impressive wins over San Francisco and Chicago. With a game in hand at Arizona next week, Grant has already passed the 1,000 yard mark on the season and has had 10 touchdowns in doing so.

Last week at Seattle, a similar story unfolded. When the first hand off was given to Grant, the typical happened. He was stopped for a 2-yard gain, and the familiar woes and questions began brewing from Packer fans nationwide.

Following a Matt Hasselbeck absolute blunder of a throw, Grant quickly got going and showed us all what he is really capable of. Finishing the game with 97 yards and two touchdowns, Grant had finally impressed me and inspired me to actually give him some credit.

So does this mean that the Packers finally have established a run game healthy and strong enough to carry them far into the postseason, and most importantly the future?

I'd say so. Ryan Grant may not be a future Adrian Peterson or LaDainian Tomlinson for that matter, but he will always be the strong running back that we need. Smash mouth football is what Packer fans are used to, and with a beefy back like number 25, that's all your going to get.

If there is anyone that Grant deserves to be compared to, it would be San Francisco's Frank Gore. For anyone that has watched Gore play, they would know just how powerful he is. When he gets a head of steam going, you can bet your dollar that he is going to take it right up the middle.

Grant may not be that way just yet, but don't be surprised if he turns into that with a few more years under his belt. Sit back and enjoy, Grant is promising a good future for Packer fans so far.

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