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Q) Welcome back to Wisconsin! I've always enjoyed watching your work over the years and am excited to see you back with the Packers, where it sounds like you feel like you belong. You've always carried yourself with class on/off the field. The team has changed personnel a great deal since you've been away, so how long do you think it will take to fit comfortably in the current Packer team? P.S. I have a feeling you are going to be a great influence on the younger guys on the team, good luck!

 --Robert Heath, River Falls, WI

A) Thanks for your support Robert! It is great to be a Packer again. My role on this team is to be a veteran leader and help out our younger backs. I will get some playing time, but I am enjoying being a leader and being back at home.
Q) No question. Just wanted to say "Welcome Back!" We look forward to seeing you play again with the Packers!

 --Carey Kersey, Carroll, IA

A) Thanks Carey! I love being back.
Q) Hi Ahman- Man, I can't tell you how glad I am that you are back with the Packers. I've been a Packers fan most of my life, and I have always loved the way you play the game and the way you present yourself off the field. I can't wait for you to get the ball again. It will be nice to see you get that franchise record for most rushing yards finally. One last thing, Walter Payton was my childhood idol, and I've never come across another athlete who is such a great role model on and off the field. I know that you try to model yourself after him, and I think you are quite an honor to his memory. Welcome home Ahman!

 --Mark Downie, Cedar Park, TX

A) Thanks so much Mark! It is great to be back home and playing as a Packer again. I appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you again. Go Packers!
Q) I've got 2. 1. Do you take a vitamin D supplement or eat a lot of fortified margarine, oily fish, liver, fortified breakfast cereals and dairy products for improved muscle strength and less pain in your knee? AND 2. I was a running back in high school in Nebraska from 94 to 98, so whatever you did, I would follow. That's how we all were, in Nebraska, of course. OK, here it is... Bo's Back, is the option still the way to go in college, and could it be utilized more in the pros? You ran the option to Perfection so many times in 1995 on the Unanimous Best College Football Team EVER, how can the option become obsolete just like that once you jump to the pros? Good Luck this Year, Ahman. As Always, I'll try to draft you in the Fantasy League.

 --kurt voorhees, harvard, NE

A) Kurt I try to eat right and follow a strict diet, and that includes fish and foods like that. We have a pretty detailed plan here in the NFL, and I follow what my athletic trainers tell me to do to keep my legs healthy.

As for the option, I'm not sure it would work in the NFL. The defenses are so fast, that if you spend time running laterally, they're going to get to you. You have to get up the field quickly. I like the option in college if you have the right quarterback and if you have enough speed in the backfield. It sure worked for us.

Thank you for your support, man. I appreciate it very much.
Q) When are you coming back to Omaha? --Cecil Evans, Omaha

 --Cecil Evans, Maple Shade, NJ

A) I was just back there to watch my daughter run track, so I get back as often as I can. I know you, Cecil! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello!
Q) Hey Ahman, I was wondering if you remember what you used to do to get faster?

 --ali shaban, dearborn, MI

A) I do speed work, which consists of things like running stadium stairs, running ramps, sled work pulls, bungee-chord pulls and parachute sprints? I work on my explosive motion and my burst.
Q) How fast did you run the 40? Me and my friend are arguing because I say you are the fastest halfback in the NFL right now.

 --john battaglia, brooklyn, NY

A) I haven't run the 40 in some time, probably two years, but the last time I did I ran a 4.29. I don't know about being the fastest running back in the league. I know I work hard on maintaining my speed. I run hills, I run sprints and I do a lot of lower-body workouts.
Q) You just came off a 14 carry, 102 yard day. You're probably my FAVORITE player to watch in the NFL. Anything can happen at any time when you have the ball, and I don't mean to sway ANYTHING about your team play, 'cause I understand how important that is, but do you feel you could help the Packers more this year if you got the ball a little more on the ground? Last two games you've run the ball, a total of 28 times. You've done the most with what you've been given this year. As your fan, and not so much, Brett Favre's fan, I just wondered if you're as frusterated as(I can't speak for anyone else), maybe, some of your fans are. It was majorly evident when in the two previous games the Seahawks gave up nearly 400 yards rushing on the ground, then the Packers don't run the ball at all against such a weak defense. Thanks for letting me vent. You are definitely awesome for even reading these. Bless.

 --Tim Peteson, Vancouver, WA

A) Whatever the coaches want is fine with me. We're all here to win games. That is what is most important. So if the coaches think we should throw more, than we need to throw the football. Of course I want the ball. Everybody wants the ball. I want to win more, though.
Total Number of Records: 108
Current Page: 9, Click here to go to page number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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