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Q) Hi Ahman, if there were ever a fan who could say they are your #1 fan, it's me. I have followed your career from college as a husker to Seattle where you were drafted, to Green Bay, then to Houston, and now finally back to Green Bay where you belong. I have too many autographs and memorabilia of yours to count, I also have many 1/1 items of yours that I will never sell. When I seen that you signed a 1 year deal with Green Bay I knew you would become the all-time leading rusher in franchise history. You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame without a doubt. My question to you is if there is any way possible that I could get a letter written from you that I could treasure forever and display as my centerpiece of my collection. I bought a letter that you wrote to someone while you were in college and ever since wished I had one written to me. I understand you are extremely busy so if you can't it's alright and I know people probably say all the time that their your #1 fan but I truly am and I would value a letter written from you very much, I would pass it on to my 2 year old son one day when he's old enough. Thank you very much for your time.

 --Shane Deloge, Cranston, RI

A) Hey Shane! Wow, I really am impressed by your dedication to fanhood. It feels good to have such an awesome fan out there. I would love to write a personalized letter for you to complete your collection. I would suggest sending a letter to me at the Packers' facility. You can tell me exactly what you would like in the letter, and include a return envelope and stuff like that so I can send it back to you. Thanks for your support; hope to hear from you soon!!
Q) Don't have a question...just wanted to say Congrats on your new record and it was GREAT to see you do that Lambeau leap!!! We are so happy to have you back on the team! I have always been a fan...always liked Nebraska..I got to see them win at the Orange Bowl against Miami in 95! Congrats again!

 --DArcy Ewer, Ladysmith, WI

A) Thanks for your support!! It was great to be able to make a Lambeau Leap again. I am so happy to be back in Green Bay. Nebraska played well this week too!!
Q) Hey Ahman, great to see you back with the green and gold. I'm a Canadian kid but you were/are always one of my favorite players to watch and root for. I hear you're into madden? my gamertag is BONESsss , look me up and we should game!

 --kevin cousins, Richmond hill, XX

A) Hey Kevin! Thanks for your support. I love being back with the Packers. Yea, I am a BIG video gamer. I love playing Madden 2010, 2009, 2008... the list goes on. I also like to play the NCAA games with friends and family. We play our own version of all the college bowl games going on. It is a lot of fun. I am also into some of the battle games like Halo, Modern Warfare, and all the others! Video games are a fun part of my life. Hope to hear from you soon!
Q) Hi Ahman, I e-mailed you a few weeks back about this but I thought I would ask it again. I was wondering if I could buy a pair of game used gloves or cleats somehow from you? HUGE fan or yours (you should see a painted helmet I have of you--bat logo and all!), and was going to purchase these off of the Idata website from them at the time, but could not afford to at that time. I recently bought a pair of the game issued from Mauricio at CollegeJerseys, but would like a pair of gamers from you if at all possible. Don't know if you'll respond, just thought I would ask... Thanks for the consideration. Brian

 --Brian Dey, Quakertown, PA

A) Hey Brian. I appreciate the support and your dedication to being an awesome fan! I am so happy to be back with the Packers. Sure, it would be no problem to get you some game-used gloves or cleats. I would definitely be able to do that for you, especially since you are such a dedicated fan. I would say the best way to do that is to send a letter to the Packers facility, and they will get it into my hands. Just make sure you note that the letter needs to be delivered to me. Another way we can do it is if you come to training camp next year, assuming I am back for another year! Just let me know who you are, and I would be glad to help you out. Thanks again for the support! Go Packers!
Q) Hey Ahman, My name is Luke Drummond and I am project coordinator of Phase 1 Community Council at UW Green Bay. I am wondering if you would be willing to spend an hour or so of your time and sign autographs on campus. We would charge an amount per autograph/picture. We can discuss amounts, times, and dates later. All proceeds will be going to either The Boys and Girls Club or a charity of your choice. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out. I feel as though it is a great opportunity to help out the community during your return to Green Bay. It's good to have you back. Go Packers!

 --Luke Drummond, Racine, WI

A) Hey Luke, thanks for your comments! I would love to do an autograph signing on your campus. Charity means a lot to me, so that would be great to help out the community. I am very busy until the end of the season, as you can imagine, but I would definitely be able to set something up for after the season. Let's see how we finish and we can look to set up an event. Thanks for your offer. Go Packers!!
Q) Awesome job tonight, I'm waiting for that first Lambeau Leap in 2 years.

 --Sagar Manda, Racine, WI

A) Thanks Sagar! I was very happy with the game. Great to be back in Green Bay!
Q) Ahaman, is your Foundation for Youth Development still active? My company has a show coming up at Tom, Dick, and Harry's and I would love to work in conjunction with you to raise money for (and give tickets to) the Boys and Girls Clubs. jasonjerry@nwawisconsin.com

 --Jason Jerry, Green Bay, WI

A) Hey Jason. My Foundation is now called the Ahman Green Foundation. We took the youth development aspect off to focus on what we knew the best and what we believed would benefit everyone involved. We are working with some people in Nebraska who are involved in the foundation. You can contact Jonathan Bradford at the number 402-639-9837 to talk more about specific details. I appreciate your support!
Q) Ahman, i no its a little late to say conratulations on your new record but im going to say it anyways..congratulations! I have a question though, when u left Green Bay, did u think you would ever get to come back or did u think you were going to retire as a Texan?

 --dustin blaine, evansville, IN

A) Hey Dustin, thanks for the question. I also appreciate the congrats on the rushing record, it means a lot to me. To answer your question, I always had a feeling in the back of my mind that I would be back with the Packers. I worked hard to stay in shape so the opportunity would still be there. It seems to be working out real well, so I am thankful for that!
Total Number of Records: 108
Current Page: 6, Click here to go to page number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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