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Q) It's so great to see you with the Packers again! We've opened up a new unit of Boys & Girls Clubs of Omaha that is located in Council Bluffs and I'm serving as the Executive Director! When you are in town next time, please swing over to see us. We are having a fundraiser at the end of March, if I send some helmets to the Packers Facility could you please sign them for me? I heard the girls had a great season in track this last spring/summer! Thanks for all of your support, Kelly Sears Boys & Girls Clubs

 --Kelly Sears, Council Bluffs, IA

A) Hey Kelly, thanks for reaching out. I appreciate all your support and good wishes. I would love to sign some items for the fundraiser. You can send them to the Packers' facility with a note and I will get them back to you. Glad to hear about the new Boys & Girls Club opening! Talk to you soon...
Q) Hey Ahman just a quick question, did u like it in Houston at all?

 --dustin blaine, evansville, IN

A) Hey Dustin, I appreciate the question. I liked it in Houston, but my best years are definitely with the Packers. I enjoyed meeting all my new teammates and living out in Texas, but there is nothing like being a Packer!
Q) Just wanting to say hi from your biggest fan. just letting you know you have been a big leader and influenced me to be a greater football player than I am and to try harder. Matt Roring Orem,Utah

 --matthew Roring, Orem, UT

A) Hey Matt it is good to hear from you. I appreciate the support! I am glad I can be a good influence for you, and all my fans out there. I enjoy being a good role model. Talk to you soon.
Q) Ahman, how could I work on getting my speed up? I'm a tight end but I need to get my speed up if I can still be one.

 --matthew Roring, Orem, UT

A) Hey Matthew. I would suggest doing a lot of quick drills with cones, running regularly, and getting a jump rope. I like using a jump rope because it is fun and not boring. Just do whatever you can to become a better athlete. Thanks for your question!
Q) I have refurbished a helmet to look exactly like yours. If I send it (pre-paid shipping) to the Packers facility, how much would it cost to get your autograph on it? -Larry Heagle, Fall Creek, WI

 --Larry Heagle, Fall Creek, WI

A) Hey Larry, I appreciate your support! Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but I would definitely be able to sign your helmet for free, as long as the shipping is paid for. Just send it to the Packers facility with a note and I would love to sign it for you. Thanks!
Q) When you rejoined the Packers this season did you try to get 30 back from John Kuhn or just take 34 because the number didn't matter to you?

 --Brian Holz, Menasha, WI

A) Hey Brian, thanks for the question. I tried to get #30 back when I rejoined the team, but I did not put up a fight. The number was taken, so I was happy with #34. We will see about next year though...
Q) Lookin good Ahman! I'll be cheering you guys on from the 50 this coming Sunday. Glad to have you back! Always one of my favorite players. On a side note, I know this is random, but I inherited a original piece of Batman comic book artwork a while back. Despite it being a cool piece, I really don't have a use for it in my house (so says the GF, its a fight just for Packer garb). Anyway, you're welcome to it if you want it. Up to you, I can send photos, and we can figure out delivery if you're interested. GO PACK!!!! Round 2 vs Cards!!!!!

 --Jasen Arias, Phoenix, AZ

A) Hey Jasen, thanks for the support. Sorry I am replying late, but to answer your question, I would definitely enjoy having the Batman artwork to add to my collection. Thanks for asking! I would say sending it to the Packers' facility with a note would be the best way to get it to me. I really appreciate the support and hope to hear from you soon.
Q) Hey Ahman, just a simple guy from Memphis TN! I remember all the amazing stuff you'd do as a Packer as a kid and to see you back as number 30... oops, 34, really brings back better times! My question is what should your role be on this team? As a #1 RB, passing RB, or just a blocking RB? Personally I'd like to see more than one TD for Green in 10! That reminds me, Happy New Year!

 --David Tipton, Memphis, TN

A) Hey David! I like the joke about the number, very funny. My role this year was to be a veteran leader and fill the spots whenever they needed me to. I would come in to block or go for a first down, but it really varied throughout the year. I was happy with my role and playing time, so we shall see what happens for next year. Thanks!
Total Number of Records: 108
Current Page: 5, Click here to go to page number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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