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Q) Hey Ahman! So glad that you're back in GB! Just wondering, who is the big jokester in the Packer clubhouse? And who plays the best music? And congrats on becoming the Packers leading rusher.

 --Dan McLoone, Brookfield, CT

A) Hey Dan thanks for the comments and questions! Sorry to get back to you so late. I have been real busy with teaching and staying in football shape. To answer your questions, Nick Barnett is definitely the one who plays the best music. He plays a real good mixture of songs, from modern rap to rock to hip-hop. He knows how to get us pumped up in the clubhouse. I can't really think of the biggest jokester on this team. Brett Favre used to be quite a jokester when he was here though...
Q) Hi Ahman! You were just in Muskego WI for a signing at Matty's. I myself was unable to make it, but a friend of mine dropped off my #30 jersey for you to sign. It looks great. Thank you so much. I was wondering if there are any plans to come back this way ( waukesha county ) any time soon. It would be amazing to meet you in person. :) Your number one fan, Melinda

 --Melinda Nowak, Mukwonago, WI

A) Hey Melinda! Thanks for reaching out to me, and sorry I did not respond earlier. I have been real busy with teaching and getting ready for the football season. I am glad I could sign your jersey for you! I do not have any plans as of now to come back out that way, but I always enjoy it, so I will probably come out again soon! Talk to you soon.
Q) Ahman, The last time you were in Wausau, I told you that my son Eric tore up his knee. We went to the Dr. on Wed. and the Dr. told him another 6 weeks of therapy. Could you please give Eric some encouargment about staying focused to get back and ready for the spring track season and upcoming FB season. Thanks Tim Kostroski-Wausau

 --Tim Kostroski, Wausau, WI

A) Hey Tim, thanks for reaching out to me. Sorry I could not respond sooner! I would tell Eric to keep his head up and stay positive because it will get better quicker than he knows it. He should try not to focus on the injury too much, but focus on the healing process. Positive thoughts will produce positive results. Everyone has their setbacks, but if you stay strong and focused, you can get through them and come back even stronger. Thanks Tim.
Q) I know that most of my questions have been about your former team. I just wonder, sorry, but if you could go back into time would you choose another team besides Houston?

 --dustin blaine, evansville, IN

A) Hey Dustin. To answer your question, I would say the only thing I would change in my career would be to never have left Green Bay. I wish I could have been a Packer for life, but it is great to be back in Green Bay. I had a great experience in Houston, but Green Bay is my home.
Q) Hi Ahman. Would you consider coming to Omaha to help raise money for the SANDS (Sportsmen Assisting the Nations Disabled Sportsmen) program? We're having a charity golf tournament on May 1st at the Tiburon Golf Club and could really use your help. I don't know how to contact you so maybe you'll email me back. Thanks!

 --John Wirthlin, Omaha, NE

A) Hey John, thanks for reaching out to me. I cannot really predict my schedule in the future to guarantee a visit to Omaha, but I would be glad to sign some items for the cause. You can send them to the Packers' facility with a note of your requests, and I would be glad to send them back to you. I enjoy helping out good causes in any way I can. Thanks John!
Q) Ahman, just a question from one Cornhusker to another, do you think that the huskers are on their way back? What do you think about Bo? Personally, I am a huge Bo fan. Just interested to see what you think.

 --cindy mingus, aurora, NE

A) I am a Bo fan as well, and I think the Huskers are on their way back for sure. I believe they will finish in the top 10 in the country next year with all the talent they have. Should be very interesting to see where they end up!
Q) My nephew is dying of cancer. There is nothing they can do for him now. One year ago, they discovered a tumor wrapped around the siotic nerve and they had to cut the nerve meaning he has to wear a brace for the rest of his life. 3 months ago, they discovered a tumor 3"x4" wrapped around the arteries of his heart. Surgery is not an option. Chemo did not work either as the tumor is now 8x it's original size. Tyler is 19 years old. He was the student manager for the Aurora Husky football team. Tyler remembers when you played for the Huskers. I remember your kindness to my son when he stood in line waiting for your autograph after a Nebraska Game. I am asking if you could please send something to my nephew. He loves the game of football. Tyler never complains about the road he is faced with. Tyler has inspired the entire town of Aurora Nebraska. Tyler is dying and he knows this, yet he faces it with grace and dignity. I am sure you get requests everyday. I am begging you, anything would be so appreciated. His address is Tyler Larson, 2206 E 16 Rd-Hampton, NE 68843. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Cindy Mingus AKA Aunt Ninny

 --cindy mingus, aurora, NE

A) Hey Cindy, that is a very touching story and I am really sorry to hear about your nephew. I would be glad to help out in any way I can. I think the best way for me to get something to you would be if you sent something to the Packers' facility for me to sign and send back (like a football, helmet, jersey, etc.). I would definitely be able to help your nephew. Thanks for reaching out to me. If you include a short note when you send the items to the facility, that would be great. I will pray for him!
Q) Mr. Batman do you really have a 67' Gt 500 shelby?

 --matthew Roring, Orem, UT

A) Hey Matthew. Yes, I do have one. I am a big fan I guess. Thanks for the question!
Total Number of Records: 108
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