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Q) Ahman, I work with Ickey Woods and his son's Foundation. His son passed away from an asthma attack and we were wondering if you would be willing to team up with us and tackle asthma prevention and awareness. Please let me know if you would be interested. hhppeaa@gmail.com thanks, Howie

 --Howard Hensley, Dayton, OH

A) Hey Howie thanks for the message. I am sorry to hear about that sad story. Can you give me your phone number so I can give you a call and talk through things? Thanks!
Q) when are u coming up to Montreal? I hope you make the Alouettes.

 --sy fineston, montreal, AK

A) I am officially on the team and I will be making a visit up to Montreal sometime in the next few weeks to check it out. I will be looking forward to the start of the season in June and playing football in the CFL!
Q) We had an autographed picture of you that was lost in a house fire on January 13, 2011. Is there anyway we can get a replacement?

 --Tanya Koscinski, Baldwin, WI

A) Hey Tanya, sorry to hear about the fire! If you give me your phone number I would be happy to reach out to you and work something out. Thanks!
Q) Hi Mr. Green, It was great meeting you and playing Xbox with you. I am going to practice Halo so I can beat you next time! My Dad has been looking around and would like to make a donation to your foundation. Could you tell me how he can do that? Thanks, Jason Read from "BOOMER"

 --Jason Read, Palm City, FL

A) Hey Jason, it was good to game with you man. I appreciate the message. I am happy to hear you guys want to make a donation! If you could please give me your phone number I can give you a call and tell you the information for how to make a donation! Talk to you soon.
Q) Do you ever do an autograph signing? I really want to get your autograph, and if I ever could, see your GT 500 Shelby, thats my dream car and your my idol!

 --matthew Roring, Orem, UT

A) Hey Matthew thanks for the comment! I do not have any autograph signings coming up as of now, but there may be a few coming up later this spring or summer, especially if I am re-signed by the Packers. I will be sure to put the info on the website, so you can always check back for an update. Thanks Matt.
Q) Ahman - you've always been a favorite player of mine for what you did on the field as a Packer. Now that you're back in Green Bay, you've become even more of a favorite of mine for how you represent yourself and for the love and admiration that you show the community and those that reach out to you. Your type of class is rarely matched in the professional ranks, so I just wanted to say that it's inspiring. Good luck at Des Peres and with your teaching certificate. I also hope we get the chance to see you in green and gold again!

 --Gregory Hielsberg, St. Louis, MO

A) Thanks for your support and nice words Gregory! It means a lot to me to have so much support in the Green Bay area. I am pursuing a second passion of mine now, teaching. Hope to hear from you again soon!
Q) How does running back coach Edgar Bennet feel about you wearing his old jersey number 34?

 --jay gartzke, collegeville , PA

A) Thanks for the question Jay! Edgar does not really mind me wearing #34, mostly because he is just happy that I am back with the Packers. He would like to see me back in my #30, but we are both just happy to be in Green Bay.
Q) Hey Ahman, this is Dan. Who is the one Packer teamate who you do NOT want to see closing in to tackle you? You know, biggest hitter?

 --Dan McLoone, Brookfield, CT

A) I would have to say that Nick Barnett is our biggest hitter. All of our linebackers can hit pretty hard, so I try to avoid a big shot from any of them.
Total Number of Records: 108
Current Page: 3, Click here to go to page number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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