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Q) Dear Mr.Green:How do you feel about Randy Moss going to the Raiders?Have you ever met him?

 --David Meyer, Algona, Iowa

A) Yes I've met him… I think its great that he went to the Raiders because our defense doesn't need to worry about him anymore… it is a great pickup for the Raiders.
Q) Hey Ahman I was wondering what will you guys do now that Marco Rivera, Mike Wahle, And Darren Sharper are gone? I was also wondering why would you guys get rid of Darren? Was it because money, bad influence in the locker room or what? I mean Darren was one hell of a player franchise player at that the guy was a animal, amyways thanks for your time Mr.Green lets go for 2000 this year!

 --Rick Chaussard, Cuddy, PA

A) Darren, an animal?... I don't know about that. Darren is a smart and tough player.. I'm sure he will do well with the Vikings. I think it was mostly financial.

It will be tough to replace Marco and Mike. They are both great guys and I'll miss them but we have to play football so we'll do everything we can to help the new guys fill their shoes.
Q) hey Ahman, how you doing? anyways, I live in Tampa Bay and play football and i wonder about your running style, do you like to run over the guy or juke him out?

 --daniel patscot, Milwaukee, Wi

A) I would rather run guys over every time but I have to mix it up with some jukes… thanks for the question.
Q) What do you like to do in your spare time?

 --Rachael Wolf, Ripon, WI

A) I love to hang with my family and friends. Also I love to play my Xbox and I
go online a lot. :)
Q) do you ever think you will make the hall of fame

 --jeremy londre, racine, wi

A) I don't think about it much… if it happens, I'd be honored but right now, I'm concentrating on doing my job. I'd be very proud to represent the Packers in the Hall of Fame.
Q) Mr. Green, I was wondering if you spend much off season time in the Green Bay area. If so, how is it different than where you grew up? From a HUGE fan - hope you stay forever!! W.

 --brian lewis, williams bay, wi

A) Good question.. I spend about 95% of my time in green bay.. The biggest difference between Green bay and LA is that I don't worry too much about my kids playing in the neighborhood. It is safe in green bay. Omaha is more like Milwaukee… much slower than LA but not too many worries there either.
Q) Who do you think is the strongest man in the NFL?

 --Alex Schmidt, Appleton, WI

A) I can only judge those who I have come in contact with. On our team, I think Mike Wahle and Grady Jackson are the strongest. I think the strongest I've played against is Kyle Turley of the Rams. Reggie White was very strong when he was playing.
Q) I am a Freshman in high school and I was thinking about buying those things you got on your arms. I was wondering if it is appropriate for me to buy them even if I am a Tight End.

 --Alex Schmidt, Appleton, WI

A) Yes, I don't know if the ones I wear are available retail yet. I have mine made custom. They will be on the market soon, though.
Total Number of Records: 108
Current Page: 13, Click here to go to page number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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