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Q) I heard that a few years back you gave your linemen a ring with a Walter Payton quote engraved on the inside. I was wondering what it said?

 --Shaun Kupferberg, Kirkland, WA

A) You are correct... The engraving said "Tough times go away, not tough people... here's to another 1,000"
Q) Hey Ahman just wanted to know if you were going to be in Philadelphia for the Eagles game. I'm from Omaha and me and a friend are going to the game. We got 4th row seats and I was really looking forward to meeting you and getting some autographs. Thanks and good luck with rehab. --Ryan Burns, Omaha, NE

 --Ryan Burns, Omaha, NE

A) I may be there... I'm waiting until my leg gets better before I start travelling. Make a sign when you are there and if I'm there I'd be happy to come over and say hello!
Q) Wow! That Packers-Saints game was incredible! I feel bad about the injuries, tho, and am hoping you will be back to play after the bye. What are the chances? The defense stepped up and created more holes so hopefully you should be a little safer :-) You looked like you were itching to get into the game today! JaneSampe, Luck, Wi.

 --Jane Sampe, Luck, Wi

A) I definitely was itching to get in the game. The guys did a great job. I am devastated for Najeh.... It hurts me to see that happen to him.

I will be 100% in two weeks and ready for Minnesota.
Q) Do you remember running in track at Bellevue East High School against an Eric Standifer? He's my husband and says you were a senior while he was a freshman. He thought of you as a role model during those track years.

 --Megan Standifer, Vandenberg AFB, CA

A) Yes, I remember running against Eric.. he was a good runner... I hope you and Eric are doing well. Send him my best!
Q) What was the best time period in your life? Why?

 --andy eiter, mt. prospect, IL

A) Growing up in Los Angeles was some of my glory years… In LA there was always something to do with great weather all year.... I also enjoyed my time in high school in Omaha - I had plenty to do - Besides football I had Power lifting, track and baseball.
Q) Hey I read recently that you play Halo2.. What other games do you play?

 --James Subin, Bellmore, NY

A) Madden 06
Midnight Club Dub Edition
Takedown Revenge
Batman Begins

All on X-Box
Q) Hey Ahman, how do you feel now that javon is out for the season. do you think the packers will be able to make the playoffs. i always wanted to know what it was like to be around brett favre will I am really glad you do this thanks

 --Sean Pluemer, platteville, WI

A) I still believe we can make the playoffs but right now, we need to just concentrate on the Panthers. Brett is a great leader and fun to be around. I feel bad for Javon and what he is going to have to go through to recover but we as a team can't dwell on it... we have to move on.
Q) Hi well I just wanted to say thank you for doing your quiz drawing I won and I wanted your autograph so bad and when I got it I jumped a foot into the air

 --cody verheyen, de pere, WI

A) You're welcome… thanks for participating.
Total Number of Records: 108
Current Page: 11, Click here to go to page number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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