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Q) Ahman, I'm a native Wisconsin guy who's currently residing in Illinois. As a lifelong Packers fan in "enemy territory", I just want to offer you encouragement and support particularly regarding that last game on the regular schedule. I know the team has improved a lot since your first meeting with the Bears, and you'll be much more competitive this time. Any keys you can share on how to break down their run defense? Thanks for all your efforts.

 --Randy Nicholson, Rockford, IL

A) I feel for you, living in Bears country! Hey, the Bears have a great run defense. They have a great defense overall. We just have to be prepared to play well. I think the line has improved a lot since early in the year, so we'll keep working at it. If we show a commitment to the run, I think we can run on any team.
Q) Hey Ahman, I play freshman ball in high school, and in middle school I was a big part of the team and now they don't seem to notice me. Could you give me some advice to get noticed?

 --daniel kennedy, crown point, IN

A) I know this sounds like something you hear from everybody, but just keep working hard. Hard work and the best effort you can give is all you need, because coaches notice the kids who don't take short cuts, who don't do things they aren't supposed to do. I mean it. Just work hard. This is a team sport. The ones who work the hardest, who put the effort in every day, they are the ones who are rewarded. Be patient, stay humble and keep working hard.
Q) Hi Ahman! I am so glad that you are doing better considering your injuries this year. I was able to see you at Packer Family Night and that was great!! I wish you were playing. I am hoping that this year I can get a Happy Birthday wish from you. I tryed last year for my 30th and thought I would try this year to get a wish from you. You are my favorite player and I love the Packers. Thanks and have a great rest of the season! Amber, Rochester, MN

 --Amber Smith , Rochester, MN

A) Amber, I appreciate you being a fan of mine. Packer Family Night was a good time. I love seeing the fans. What can I say?

Q) Hey Ahman, I don't know how much time you have to check these. But right now I'm going through a rough time with my mom and I am trying to go live with my dad again. But I had to give up my sophomore year of football to take care of my mom. I kind of made me depressed. Could you give me any advice to get through this, please Ahman, please.

 --Andrew Geske, Sioux Falls, SD

A) Andrew, I can understand what you are going through. It's tough growing up. Sometimes, things don't seem fair. You have to make a lot of tough decisions. I had to as well. I transferred schools to get into a better situation and it was hard to pick up and leave. Just think things through. Trust the ones you love, because they have your best interest in mind. It sounds like you made a sacrifice for your parents. Believe me, they have made plenty of sacrifices for you, so take care of them when you can. You can go back to football as a junior and not skip a beat. Find love.
Q) Well, I was/am a pretty big Seahawks fan. They're just the team closest to me and I was a huge fan of yours when you were at Nebraska. When I found the Seahawks had drafted you, I was elated! Now, I know you're happy in GB and Shaun Alexander is doing well here, but I STILL follow your career and enjoy it when you succeed. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed your, brief time in Seattle. Was it beneficial, or do you wish these excellent years in GB would've found you a little faster? Keepin' track of your game right now against Detroit. You just scored a receiving TD! YEA!

 --Tim Peteson, Vancouver, WA

A) I enjoyed my time in Seattle and it was great to be there. But I'm also happy in Green Bay and have been since I've been here. Things work out for a reason. I don't look back. I appreciate being in the NFL. No complaints.
Q) I play high school ball at Papillion LaVista (I think you know what that is because you went to Central) and I play running back. I have the most ability on my team and started the first half of the season but i fumble way too often and i can't seem to stop this problem. What can i do to help my fumbling problem? --Cameron Carlow, LaVista, NE

 --cameron carlow, La Vista , NE

A) Cameron, I've been through that as well. The main thing you have to do is forget the past very quickly whether it is good or bad. Think ahead to your next step and don't dwell on past experience. Basically you need to have selective amnesia.
Q) Hey Ahman IM very glad you resigned on the packers there my favorite team. You did great the past years with the packers and with the Huskers. My question is will the packers make it to the Playoffs next year. Or even better the super bowl.

 --Trent Bottolfsen, Hartington, NE

A) Right now, we have a long way to go in the offseason. Right now, we need to take it one day at a time but the playoffs and superbowl are always our goals for the season. That's why we play the game.
Q) Whats up Ahman! Wow alot of injuries on the team (couple of big players) I hope all of you get better. Anyway my question is I play football at my high school (Currently 10th grade) . I am also a running back but my coach lets the people with money or alot of reputation play. There are alot of players sitting on the sideline that should be on the field. Our rec. is 1-9 and the season is at an end. I was wondering if you ever had this problem and if so what did you do, if not what do you think. Can't wait to watch (GB Vs PIT) the game comes on after ATL Vs MIA. Thanks

 --Clint Harbuck, Anniston, AL

A) I had a situation in little league where the coach didn't allow me to play offense. I did everything that was asked of me but for some reason he didn't like me. Eventually got fired and I got a chance to play running back. The rest is history!
All I can say is to keep your head up and do the right things in practice and in games and eventually the hard work will pay off.
Total Number of Records: 108
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